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How to promote your radio station!

Wednesday, 03 November 2021

How to promote your radio station

Do you want to know the secret to increase your radio listenership easily and immediately?

Sorry, then! This article is not for you, because there is no single way to increase it overnight.

This takes planning, trying, and testing…

So, if you’re here for the long run, keep reading to find out how to gain more listeners for your radio station!

Step #1: Define your content and audience

First things first, right? Choose what your radio station is all about. 

You need to pick a niche, or a subject you’re really passionate about and start with it. You can change themes along the way, but by defining your content first you’ll be able to make better decisions, with specific goals in mind.

Same goes for your audience: it’s far easier to appeal to people with the same interests as yours, be it sports, news or reggae music!

After all, if you want to grow your audience, you first need to define your audience. There’s a huge difference between “people” and “the right people”.

Step #2: Work on that digital presence – and work hard

Could we *be* making it any clearer?

You need either a website, an app, or social media – but preferably? A combination of all 3!

We’re sure you’ve already heard somewhere that “content is king”, which means your online presence should be frequent, with quality content that entertains and informs people. So, let’s see how you can achieve that, be it organically or through paid advertising.

People attending a radio show

Create a radio website and promote it

No, just having one is not enough!

Once you set up your radio station website, you should start promoting it in order to increase traffic. Run Google Ads and social media campaigns to get more listeners and increase brand awareness.

Extra tip: Incorporate SEO in your strategy! What’s the use in creating a radio website if no-one ever finds and listens to it?


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Radio station app development is a must

Mobile radio app development helps you perform a ton of tasks with the click of a button, from push notifications to in-app chats, to social media sharing and more. Creating a radio station app should be your top priority if you want to increase your listeners and the sooner you get on with it, the better.


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If you create your own radio station app you will be able to engage further with your listeners! By using ASO (app-store optimization) techniques and running campaigns to increase downloads, you will see your listenership rising!

Extra tip:’s got you covered: invest in iOS or Android radio app development and let us boost your engagement rates! Ask users to leave a review on the app store, which will help you rank higher, too!

Ways to promote your radio station

Post frequently on social media

Songs, playlists, photos, giveaways, campaigns for increasing traffic and brand awareness, and the list goes on and on!

Don’t be afraid to be funny or post behind-the-scenes stories while you broadcast – people love it!

Step #3: Submit your radio station to directories

There are several radio directories out there that a plethora of listeners use in order to discover cool new stations – like yours!

Check out TuneIn, iHeart, iTunes Internet Radio, Streema, Streamitter, RadioGarden and many more.

Since you’re categorized based on location or genre, it’s super easy to be discovered by the right audience.

Extra tip: Once you get discovered, make sure you ask listeners to listen to your station directly through your own means (website or app), to eliminate the competition.

Ways to promote your radio station

Step #4: Stream on YouTube

Radio station app development is one way to go, but you can also stream your radio station on YouTube.

Thousands of people search YouTube every day for a radio station and not a playlist with the same songs again and again: cafes and restaurants, business owners and workers, or even athletes and outdoor runners!

Extra tip: YouTube can be a great place to get discovered, but we strongly advise you to create a radio station app, too, so you can have complete control over it and not rely on third parties.

Step #5: Invite musicians over to talk about their art

The ultimate win-win way to promote your radio station for free, relying on word of mouth.

Talk *with* your audience, not to them, and even invite artists and musicians over to speak on your shows. Think of it like a podcast or an interview and ask them questions – your audience will love it, and you will grow your listenership faster!

Extra tip: How about talking with the right people, but also letting the right people talk for you? Consider radio app influencer marketing!

Girl is playing her guitar for a radio station

Step #6: Broadcast outdoors

Have you ever thought about it?

You can broadcast your radio station live to a far wider audience by getting hosted in a store/pub/festival that matches your audience (for example a club for house radios, a rock bar for rock radios/festivals etc.).

Get discovered by more people and raise awareness for your brand!

Step #7: Use games and giveaways

The ultimate way to get sponsors and pamper your audience – they’ll keep coming back for more!

Giveaways are the easiest way to increase your listenership: the amount of people wanting to participate is staggering, but maybe they won’t stay for long, so use this method wisely!

On-air games are a great way to engage with your audience and make it fun while you’re at it! There’s always the possibility of going viral if something hilarious happens live, so let’s hope it does.


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If you’ve made it this far, hooray!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and that you’ve found useful tips in here to increase your radio station audience.

In case you want to find more ways to promote your radio station, keep on reading:

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As for us, we’re techies all the way, so investing in a radio website, an Android or an iOS radio app is our top tip!


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