Terms of use

1. Memberships
Looksomething.com products and services are available through different subscription packages.

2. Product Delivery
As soon as you have carried out payment and we can acknowledge receipt of the money, you will grant access to your account. There, you can submit all the information we need to start develop your application. As soon as you submit this information, Android applications will be online after 7-10 days and iphone applications after 20-25 days. This timeline includes the review and approval from the stores. When the application gets approval, it is available to the public so then the application is considered delivered.

3. Push Notifications Service
You have full control of the content you publish. If you share content, via push notification services, then you agree that anyone that receives this content may use it. When you give others access to this content, you grant them free and non-exclusive permission to use, reproduce, distribute, display and communicate to the public the content and any other products or services made available by Push service. If you don’t want others to have those rights, don’t use push notifications to share your content.

Notification Service does not provide any guarantees on push notification delivery. Push notifications that expire before being delivered are not considered a failed delivery.

4. Support
We provide technical support for looksomething.com products during our working hours (09:00 - 17:00 GMT+2) through our  ticket support system by signing in to your account at our webstite looksomething.com "my Support Tickets" section or via email to support@looksomething.com. Notice that we respond in all requests within a range of 24 - 48 hours. You can also visit our Faq section on our website for any questions you might have. We don't provide any support via Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. If you have any membership or billing questions please send an email to info@looksomething.com In case that you don't recieve any response at your email request that you sent to info@looksomething.com or support@looksomething.com  please submit your request at our website contact form

5. Refund Policy

Please contact us if you want a refund. Refund will be provided when:
1. None of the applications are up and running in Google Play or App Store. 
2. The refund request has done between the interval of 15 days after purchase of the service.
3. Mutual agreement cannot be reached regarding your issues.
For recurring payments refundment , check paragraph 13

6. Privacy Policy
Any information submitted by the buyer will be used solely for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivering the product, informing about new product releases and addressing any customer service issues.

7. Terms & Conditions
Looksomething.com reserves the right to change or modify current Terms Of Use at any time with no prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to review changes to our privacy policy every time you visit this website. Further, looksomething.com reserves the right to modify or discontinue any portion of the membership.

8. Ownership
Any Looksomething.com application's source code is not your property. It is a property of looksomething.com. The applications we have uploaded are not your property. They will be active and working as long as you have a valid subscription.

9. Expiration Policy 
Looksomething will auto-send notification from the expiration date and up to 2 (two) weeks. After that interval, and if any payment does not occur, the applications are going remain only for ten (10) more days. After that interval, the applications are going to stop working and removed from App Store and/or Google Play (The add-on expiration of subscription will be removed from the application, only if the aplication subscription has not expired).

10. Application Removal
We own the rights to remove - suspend your application(s) from the stores as well as disable their function in case you don't renew your app subscription plan on time.  In case you renew after the removal - suspend of your application(s) we will activate again your application(s) to the stores and update them to the latest stable version if existing. 
We are not responsible for any unexpected removal by the stores due to Google and Apple policies terms and conditions. (copyright issues etc.) 

11. Update Policy
Looksomething.com supports that proper update policy

12. Translation
The defined language of Looksomething.com is english. All product and service information and prices are written based in english language and NOT in any other.

13. Applications Approval Procedure
Both a publishment of a new application and an update of an existing one requires 7-10 days in Android and 20-25 days in iPhone. This timeline includes our development, and review & approval processes from the stores of Google and/or Apple.

Looksomething.com is not responsible for the Applications Approval Procedure. This procedure is performed by Google and/or Apple and the applications contents must follow their guidelines in order to get the applications online. The time of review and approval may vary from application to application.

If any application rejection occurs, Looksomething.com reviews the reason and if it is possible, fixes the error and publishes the application again. All the procedure starts from the beggining so as the timeline.


14. Recurring Payments
If you purchase or renew a subscription via Paypal payment gateway to Looksomething.com an automatic recurring payment is placed to your Paypal Merchant Account 
(this occurs for every subscription that a renewal payment  is required).
Through this recurring payment the required renewal cost is automatically paid for the proper expired subscription.

The cancellation of this recurring payment can be done either by you, at your Personal Paypal Merchant Account or via contacting us.

Notice: If a refund is requested from a client within seven (7) days of the requiring payment execution, Looksomething.com provides that refund since the client forgot to cancel the automatic requiring payment under his merchant account when previous payment occured. After that interval we update the application to the latest stable version and refund can not be provided.

15. Cookie Settings
 Cleaning of memory cache and cookies.
You can control and/or delete cookies, as desired - for details, see aboutcookies.org