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Best Radio Mobile App Solution 2020 – We made it!

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

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2020 might not have been the best year for most of us, but we kept on doing our best.

And this was recognized with another award!


It is a great honor for us to end the year with such a wonderful award acknowledging our tireless and purposeful efforts for continuous improvement on our complete radio solutions. When the world had to close down, we committed to keep on developing outside our borders.

As a result, we were rewarded with the distinction of Best Radio Mobile App Solution in 2020 in the Small Business Awards of this year by Corporate Vision.


What made us hustle even more in 2020

Our core values, year after year, are what keep us going – Passion, Commitment, and Honesty. Our team is committed to quality, excellence, continuous improvement, and trust; this has led to meaningful long-term partnerships all around the world. And our partners became our best advertisement.

Our passionate spirit and direct honesty have attracted a unique blend of individuals, who have evolved to become reliable technical and marketing partners, helping us expand through our radio reseller program. We are more than excited to see where this journey will take us.


About Small Business Awards and Corporate Vision

Small Business Awards is a contest that showcases small businesses with innovative products, efficient services, an exemplary reputation within their industry, and client/customer satisfaction across the board.

It is brought by Corporate Vision, an online monthly publication that looks to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world, focusing on spotlighting advances in the HR, marketing, coaching, and recruitment spheres, with the goal to shine a light on the gatekeepers of better business.

We are pleased with this great award and we will continue to rock the radio mobile developing world, despite the trying hardships and obstacles they may incur along the way!