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How can I choose the best white label reseller program?

Friday, 11 September 2020

Join the white label app reseller of Looksomething

With the fast and constantly changing digital world, businesses are struggling to find a way to make their services known to a wider audience. Anybody could agree that as a single entity, no business would manage to do everything itself efficiently. That is why white label reseller programs and solutions have been developed.

What is a white label reseller?

In order to provide a sufficient definition, we have to break down the words that comprise them. With the term reseller, we indicate a person that purchases a product or a service from a company and then sells it again for another price, probably to a different audience. It is common for resellers to put a higher price on their products in order to increase their profits. The bigger the difference between the previous and the new price, the bigger the profit will be for the reseller.

If you compound the word with “White Label”, it may confuse the audience, since “Label” would refer to the branding of an item. But, by adding the adjective of "White", we want to indicate that this branding is blank and could be used in any way wanted. So, a White Label Reseller is simply a person who takes something and offers it for a price again with blank branding.

Of course, this can be possible after an agreement with a technology provider. Through a reseller program, white label reseller takes its platform, rebrands it, by matching it to their company logos and colors, and then offers it to another market and audience. Literally, there are thousands of different products and services that somebody could buy and resell like food, software, services, electronics, clothing, natural resources, toys, furniture, equipment, cosmetics, etc.

What is in for me though? Should I become a white label reseller?

By offering this service, there must be some benefits for anyone who would like to be a white label reseller. It is no secret that you will be given the opportunity to have access to a brand – new and designed technology while you won’t have anything to do with the production or creation of it. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about the maintenance of the application, since the technological provider will take care of it. But the most important benefits that can get becoming a white label reseller are that:

  • You will generate a new income

By becoming a reseller you can generate a new income stream to enrich your existing ones.

  • You will grow your Business without investments

Directly acquire a technology, match it to your preferences and offer it to the public without major costs.

  • You will increase your offered valued and high-quality products

Introduce new products in your present product line without having to invest capitals in machinery, research or in hiring new stuff to develop them. Broaden your portfolio effortlessly and offer various solutions to your audience and clients.

  • You minimize your production costs and focus in marketing

Less time to worry about your production line and more hours and minutes to create a better marketing plan.

  • Minimize the failure risk of your company

By reselling various products or services, you can offer a very diversified portfolio, so if one faces challenges or has poor demand, you will have multiple income sources to maintain your company.

Additionally, the production company can access larger audiences without the need for investing more in marketing or promotional activities. In this way, their products will expand and reach customers all over the globe without much effort. Literally, both sides could benefit from a Reselling Program.

why should I become a reseller

Are there any obligatory standards that need to be followed regarding the pricing and the branding? (Να οριστεί ως Η2)

As for the pricing methods, the opportunity to set other prices or follow the provided guidelines of their suppliers is given. So, resellers can do either way. Usually, reseller programs allow their resellers to set the price of their liking. By that, they do not put a limit on the potential profit and the success a possible partner could have.

However, there could be some companies that need to offer their products between strict limits, but there are not a lot of these cases. On the other hand, you may find providers stating that they prohibit product reselling below the prices the starting price that it was bought. Nevertheless, to avoid phenomena where resellers provide a product at a lower price with overcharged shipping costs, they might sign contracts that they must sell only at higher prices than the one they bought the product.

Concerning the branding of the product or the service that is going to be resold, two options are given:


  • To sell it under the original brand

There are different advantages as well as disadvantages to this option. Since a brand name is already trusted by clients, they might buy it directly and this could be considered as an advantage. Still, the buyer could skip the reseller and buy it directly from the original producer. The only thing that may change his/her mind is a lower price that could be beneficial for both of you.


  • To sell it under your own brand – based on White Label

As you rebrand it and offer it to public consumption, you will face some disadvantages, but also some major advantages. You can design your product a lot different from the original manufactured one, and consequently, you can offer it at any price. Nonetheless, any possible buyer might hesitate to trust your product, but it is up to you to prove your trustworthiness and reliability as a company.

It should be mentioned that a crucial part of a Reseller Program is the provided Customer Support. We are all familiar with customers that face minor or major problems, and they demand to support their needs 24hr. That is why, in many White Label Reseller programs, the support is provided from the initial producer/company due to its relevance and, of course, experience.

Among this option, you may encounter offered products characterized as “White Label SAAS”.

But, what is a White Label SAAS?

The acronym SaaS refers to Software As A Service. It means that a company would offer software with the Cloud Method. More specifically, it indicates that the providing company will maintain all the necessary structure, data, servers, and coding online, while it will keep on providing its clients access to their applications via internet connection. Instead of downloading on their devices to use it, they make use of the online method.

Considering the fact of future faster internet speeds, it is for sure that this model will become mainstream. Clients will not need to maintain a larger storage position on their computers, while they will have access from any place with a stable internet connection. And all thanks to Cloud Computing.

The steps to become a reseller

How could you participate in White Label SaaS?

By providing the model of SaaS in Cloud-based form, software developers and companies can offer their products with a subscription model. To pay an amount of money for a specific time period of time in order to use it. Not so often, they might give the option of one – time fee, but not so affordable for the majority of the clients.

Are there any advantages and disadvantages in using this model of SaaS?

As of any provided service, similarly, the White Label SaaS comes with its pros and cons.

Compared to the aforementioned one – time payment, a subscription-based option to use the software is more affordable for the public. Moreover, the developer company can create a series of payments from their client base, while their clients could benefit from the supports, fixes, and renewals of the software, keeping the product operational and updated. However, the SaaS and any Web – Hosted service might be less personalized to the needs of the customers and might lack the control of the product.

What we offer here in LookSomething offers an interesting opportunity to become part of its White Label SaaS program that allows anyone to enter and resell all of its products, services, under his brand name with his own pricing strategy. There are no limitations to anyone that wants to enroll in the LookSomething Reseller program. Especially if you are familiar with the idea of Radio or if you have been involved with the Radio Industry, you will surely run it with success.

So, our service is addressed to anyone interested as well as to experts that have to do with: Radio Production, Radio Imaging Branding, Radio Advertising, Radio Promos, Radio Software Providers, Radio Hosting Providers, Radio Streaming Providers, Radio Directories, Radio Beds-Effects/Jingles-stings creators and generally with the Radio Industry itself have a lot of potentials with our Program!

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You got me hooked up, how can I participate in LookSomething’s Reseller program?

For anyone we would choose to participate, will have to pay 199€ (one-time fee), which gives the right to sell all of our solutions under the reseller’s brand name and entitles him/her to any personal discount. More specifically, by enrolling in our Reseller Program you always have a -25% Discount Rate to all of our Plans, Extra features (addons), Updates, and Subscription Renewals.

Also, you and your clients will always have access to our Tech Support Department 24/7. We will always provide you with our Personalized marketing tips and promotional ideas taking advantage of our long-term expertise. Our program is 100% White Label, which means that our brand will never be visible to your final customers, and you will always be able to set the prices you want.

Taking into account all the aforementioned, LookSomething's Reseller Program offers you the chance to extend your product line with a widely known and respected product, having fast and accurate customer support, and being also able to charge exactly how you wish!

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