What is SEO and why does your website need it?




What is SEO and why does your website need it?

Friday, 30 August 2019

What is SEO and why does your website need it?

Many people ask us at Looksomething.com, “What is SEO and why do I need it for my website?” SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to every necessary step we follow to achieve visibility in non-paid or organic (as it is called) search engine results. It includes every action we need to make so that our website appears higher each time someone is looking for a specific term in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 

SEO should be a vital part of your digital identity and it needs to be implemented from the early stages of the design and development of your website. It includes both onsite and offsite elements that need to be taken into consideration. At Looksomething.com, we can guarantee that every little aspect of your website is going to be checked and (SEO) optimized so that we can deliver the most enhanced SEO-friendly result.


But what are the key criteria we follow at Looksomething.com for creating a SEO-friendly website?


The fundamental principles for creating a SEO friendly website.


Mobile friendly design

More and more users prefer to make internet searches and browse websites through their mobile phones, so it is natural that mobile-friendliness and mobile-responsiveness have become a dominant SEO factor. Google has enabled the mobile-first index meaning it prioritizes mobile-optimized websites rather than sites which are only adjusted for desktop computers. Eventually, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, your SEO ranking is going to hit the bottom. Looksomething.com websites are optimised for mobile devices – responsive and fast they will ensure your rankings will go skyrocketing not only on desktop but on mobile searches as well.


Website security and accessibility

Another major SEO factor that you need to consider is how accessible and secure is your website. Search engines must be able to visit (crawl) your website (URLs), review the content of your page and comprehend what your page is about. In order to achieve that, you have to add a sitemap, which is basically a list of all your website’s pages. Luckily for you and if it sounds too technical, Looksomething.com websites come online with a proper sitemap format, making sure your website will be found by search engines.


Website URLs

In general terms, a SEO friendly URL needs to be easy to read, keyword-rich, consistent, static and finally, submitted to search engines via a sitemap. Looksomething.com websites allow you to create a SEO friendly URL structure that will help push your website to the top of the search engines.


Metadata tags

Metadata tags are pieces of text that are used to describe the content that is contained on a website page. Even if they don’t appear on the website page itself they are taken into consideration when search engines evaluate and define page rankings. Most importantly they are displayed on the search results and have a major impact on your website’s CTR (click-through rate). You can easily change your metadata tags (title, description, keywords, OG meta etc.) easily through your control panel. Metadata tags should assist both visitors and search engines to clarify the content of a specific web page.


How to easily create a SEO friendly website.


Page Speed

Another key aspect of developing a SEO-friendly website is page speed. It has been considered as one of the most important SEO ranking factors for several years. Improvement of the user experience while using a website is a vital element for SEO and reasonably a web page that loads fast can definitely ensure this. Moreover, since July 2018 Google has announced an update on its search engine algorithm with a focus on mobile page speed, hence if you do not have a website that is able to load fast on mobile devices you are not able to achieve a significant SEO ranking.


Content Optimization

While handling the design of a website in a proper way is a vital part of achieving a significant SEO ranking, there are numerous additional elements you need to keep an eye on.

First of all, it is of great importance that the context of your website is clear. Every page title, navigation menu and website URL must be relevant to your core business and should aim to increase user experience. Secondly, you need to include keyword phrases in page titles, in this way you can actually tell the search engine where to look first in order to discover valuable content. Furthermore, you should implement the appropriate header tags to indicate the importance of your content. You should set up your title as H1 and then select the H2 and H3 subheads to specify relevant but less important content on your page. In case you are not able to do it by yourself, ask your developer to help you. 

Another great and important factor is the creation of original content with significant quality. Generating content that is SEO oriented will aid you to reach your target audience and guide them toward the conversion point you have set for your website. Moreover, it is essential that you create original content that is frequently published, that is over 250 words and is linked internally with related content. Also, you need to use related keywords that provide a clear and natural understanding for the reader and aid your website to achieve a desirable ranking position for related and relevant keywords and search terms. Last but not least, fill in image alt tags with relevant keyword phrases to demonstrate the correlation between the images you use with the content of the page. Again, if you think are not able to do it, just ask the help of your developer.

Well, these are the guidelines we apply in order to design and develop SEO-friendly websites. Are you interested? You can always learn additional information regarding our pricing plans and our product delivery process by visiting our website.


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