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Meet the brand new Looksomething

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Version 7 has been released!

Updated app design, new mobile app features & management tools, the ability to create your own website and windows app, user-friendlier account management, easier control panel, completely redesigned website and a comprehensive Help Center; those are only some of the solutions and improvements Version 7 brings.

Our latest release comes with radical updates & new solutions, useful features & functions, crucial usability improvements and even better stability. All our mobile and apps now fall under our 3 brand new complete solutions; Radio, News – RSS, Universal. Feel free to visit each one separately for more information.

Updated Mobile App Features

Version 7 brings many new features with some of them being:

  • Complete Personalization: colours, themes, graphics and content can be mofidied according to your liking
  • Menu Tabs & Categories: Rearrange the order of your menu and create categories of unlimited depth
  • General views: Create a flexible and practical catalogue containing articles, business news, products & services, price lists and display them in catalogue, map or calendar view. Each catalogue item can be enriched with images & videos, custom or premade contact forms, location & date information etc.
  • Comments: Enable or disable Disqus comments on all General Views items
  • Media Galleries: Create photo & video galleries and add them directly in menu & submenu tabs or within any General Views item, about page etc.
  • Forms: Generate custom or use premade contact forms and add them directly in menu & submenu tabs or within any General Views item, about page etc.
  • Authors: Display your article authors with an image, a short bio and their webpages/ social media profiles
  • HTML supported content: Switch over to HTML text editor in order to get additional editing options or paste code from an external source
  • Extra Languages: Localise your mobile app and translate its content and elements to any language
  • Updated Push Notification Service: Mobile push notifications can now be scheduled and repeated. What is more, when sent upon article & item creation they can link users directly to them within your app

Universal Windows Platform Apps

Getting a Windows app means that your brand can now reach millions of people who are using any Windows device; laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones. Your app will be redesigned for optimal display on PCs, staying responsive and available for download in all devices running on Windows.


Grow your business online with our fast, responsive & search engine friendly websites. Add menus & infinite categories, create events, articles, custom forms, chat room, add weather widget, feature your own static ads or monetize your website with Google AdSense and many more.

One Control Panel for Mobile Apps & Website

Take control of your online and mobile presence and manage both your apps & website by simply using one Control Panel in order to dynamically personalize their look & content. The new control panel is easier to handle, contains tooltips and subtitled video tutorials.

Help Center

Don’t forget to visit our brand new Help Center, which contains answers to many common questions, troubleshooting, video tutorials and more details regarding all our mobile app & website features.

Universal Solution is introduced

Our Universal Solution caters to every business; restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, service providers, universities & schools, photographers, hospitals, gyms, construction & agriculture companies etc. and provides a multi-platform powerful tool that will improve corporate branding and reinvent users’ experience. All our mobile apps and websites in Universal Solution are equipped with useful features allowing you to interact with your visitors and manage your community with ease.

Don’t stop that useful feedback coming!

Committed to offering new powerful tools, solutions, improvements and bug fixes to all our partners we have treated several change requests and helpful suggestions for improvements.

Any suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated and will be seriously considered to be included in future releases; therefore make sure to forward any comments and questions directly to [email protected].