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News - RSS Mobile Application is now available!

Tuesday, 02 June 2015

News - RSS Mobile Apps

Below are the Features of News - RSS Mobile Application:

  • Tablet View
    All our apps are supported in Android & iOS Tablets 
  • Control Panel
    Full management of your mobile apps through a control panel
  • Home Screen
    It includes the main RSS link of your website
  • Social Share
    Share RSS items' links to other applications
  • Multiple Categories
    Group your RSS links by your own created categories
  • Social
    Place your social networks links in the application
  • About
    Place your information e.g. direct call & email and a website URL.
  • Messages
    In-app messages system to keep your readers always updated
  • Language
    Basic textual information, such as Home, About or general notifications, will be translated into your native language
  • Unlimited RSS News
    In all our plans
  • adMob
    Addon - Monetize your app by displaying Google Ads
  • Weather
    Addon - Weather forecast of the user's location
  • Shoutbox
    Addon - Chatroom feature with colour tags, smilies and admin features
  • Record
    Addon - User records a message up to 20 seconds and sends it to your e-mail
  • Radio Player
    Addon - Include your radio streaming in the app
  • Push Notifications
    Send short messages up to 100 characters to your readers
  • App stores
    We publish apps in Google Play and App Store
  • Web URLs
    Include any URL you like in your application