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Radio in times of crisis: How can mobile apps for radios serve the public interest?

Thursday, 26 March 2020

A radio mobile app broadcasting important information during a crisis

What the technology has given to the human race so far is the convenience to moderate many activities from the screen of its computer, smartphone or tablet. Some of us might include our booking for an airplane ticket or a hotel, the selection of that pair of trousers that we like, or even the ability to work from home.

For the last months, the outbreak and spread of COVID–19 virus has driven the world economy into crisis, with many professionals choosing to work from a distance at their own place. Moreover, most of them prefer to get their news from blogs, sites or even listening to internet radio stations.

During times of crisis, radio stations have managed to operate in great frequency, so to disperse information of critical need, valuable to the affected public, as well as information on critical steps needed to be taken for their remedy. For that, since it is of major importance, many radio stations have tried to invest in crisis training and preparedness, to spread their message to their audiences. And with the technological evolution, it can be possible to meet the demands for communication from the palm of their hand. With a link on their browser or, even better, from a radio mobile app their smartphones.

Through well – optimized radio apps, any listener can stay in touch with the radio app of his or her choice. What is more, by staying connected remotely via their smartphones, they will never miss out on what’s going on. Thus, the radio will help to galvanize and motivate citizens, to raise solidarity, as well as to work together so to achieve a common goal. The benefits may vary for every organization that seeks to create a more human- curated audio experience. Some of them could be radio stations for educational institutions, churches, gyms or even common broadcasting media.

Radio apps for Churches

With more and more churches and other places of worship trying to spread their message and build a bigger community, radio stations have become an essential medium for their purpose. In their mission to serve the public in times of crisis, internet radio stations for churches will often broadcast live events to empower their followers, strengthen their relationship with them and keep them connected.

Besides, they can reach more people by scheduling recorded program transmissions during specific hours. In that case, with the aid of mobile church apps, more speeches, events or even sermons could be included, so that everyone would feel part of the church community.

Radio apps for churches could also act as succors for the places of worship to help raise money for charities and support in times of hardship and distress. By sharing the cause to social media, the public can raise awareness.

Radio apps for Educational Institutions

Education is regarded to be essential for the mental advancement of any person. More and more schools, colleges and universities have realized what a great asset an internet radio station for their educational institution can be. It can empower students and act as an educational tool by providing scheduled shows, teaching programs and much more.

Moreover, a mobile university radio app can provide the student with the opportunity to chat directly with the university and solve any possible queries as well as to call – in and talk directly. Especially through a smartphone application with which they are more familiar.

The best way for a university internet radio station to be taken seriously is to be considered as a creative and alternative center that would enhance the educational process while students can connect, be educated and build relationships of trust with their tutors.

Radio apps for Gyms

The life in situations of crisis may be limited to activities within the walls of houses. Internet stations for gyms can transfer the whole action of gyms inside and motivate their members. With selected playlists, they can create a better environment and provide a suitable atmosphere to boost their morale for a workout.

Furthermore, various exercise programs, ideal for training at home, can be recorded and transmitted on schedule, so that people can follow on without missing anything. And with a smartphone app for the gym radio, they can have the gym experience on – demand and stay connected no matter what.

Radio apps for Radio stations

With the invention of the radio, a new medium of broadcasting news and needed information has emerged and entered in many homes. With the technological advancement, many internet radio stations have appeared online, to get a share from the audience of mainstream broadcasting radio stations. With a variety of types, listeners can now choose which fits their preferences, such as:

  • Apps for Music Stations

It is widely believed that music plays a crucial role in today’s life. It can relieve stress and fear from listeners, help them focus on a task or even ease their minds for a while. As a result, music can create the needed atmosphere for an individual to thrive, create and relax.

  • Apps for Talks Shows

People can show interest in shows that attract them the most, usually because of the topic, the host or even a person being interviewed. Specialized smartphone apps for shows, documentaries or interviews, can make their work easily accessible to their audience with a touch on their screens. Additionally, they can record and archive their live streaming shows to be listened later on, so to get as much value as possible.

  • Apps for News Reports

It is indicated that the primary responsibility of all media, revolves around providing the public with information at the time that becomes available. The urgency to cover news as they’re happening is vital, as they can play a critical role in the general community’s response to a crucial situation. If not from a computer, a smartphone can be the best gadget, since a well – developed app for news report radio stations can be the channel for the hosts to share their message as well as for the listeners to send text or voice messages directly to their panel. Also, the option of social share can spread the program to a larger audience and keep them informed at various times.


Whatever the need of the organization is, the radio station can help to educate, amplify prayers, train and inform the public. Mobile apps for radio stations would enhance their work and help more even in difficult times.