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Our Radio Application Version 6 brings new powerful features

Thursday, 01 October 2015

Mobile Radio Apps Version 6


View all the brand new features of our powerful radio mobile apps Version 6 below:


• New Layout Design and New Interface

Radio Application Layout has been designed to the latest trends and the interface is following all guidelines from Google and Apple.

• Compatible with newest Android and iOS Libraries
The Applications are compatible with Android Versions 4.0.3 and iOS 8.2 onwards.

• New Powerful Control Panel provided also in Starter and Business Plans
Dynamically manage both Android and iOS Apps through the same Web Control Panel. Change Background and Logo of your Station, Send Push Notifications, Manage News and Ads, Change your Radio Information and much more in order to create your unique App.

• Unlimited Web URLs
Dynamic creation of unlimited web URLs directing to the device's browser or in app's WebView depending on your choice.

• Messages Feature
Now you can send static messages to your app users via your Control Panel.

• Top Rated (Song Rating System)
Users can rate the song that is being broadcasted, provided via streaming metadata in real time. So you can easily create your Top Rated Playing List of your Airplay from the feedback you get from your listeners. Top Rated is enabled by default in Enterprise and Network Version. In order to integrate it into Starter and Business Versions, you must purchase the Cover Art Addon.

• Notification and Lock Screen Player.
Notification player in Android version and lock screen player in Android & iOS.

• Google Analytics Stats
Google Analytics integration to both Android and iOS Apps. All benefits of Google statistic platform provided to your Gmail Account.

• New Addons 
   -Charts Addon
     Now you can add unlimited charts combined with the corresponding URLs of their music videos.
   -Photo Gallery Addon
    Create your Event Galleries at your Mobile App and preview photos of latest events with a zoom feature.