Looksomething & Spacial Bundled Promotion




Looksomething & Spacial Bundled Promotion

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Looksomething & Spacial Bundled Promotion
Looksomething & Spacial Bundled Promotion
How It Works.
  • Choose the SAM Broadcaster Cloud Annual Subscription you would like to purchase below.
  • Click on ‘Get the Deal’ and purchase the product of your choice. The shopping cart page already reflects the discounted amount.
  • Once your payment has been processed, Spacial will send you a discount coupon code you will then use to redeem your €80 discount on Looksomething’s Radio App Bundle Plan of your choice (Android & IOS)
  • The discount coupon code will be made available to you within 24hrs.

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Radio Applications

Place your Radio in Your Listeners’ Pocket!

74% of Smartphone Users use their phone daily for listening to their favorite Radio Station.
A powerful tool for your Radio Station!
Native Android & iOS Dynamic Radio Mobile Applications. Bundle(both Android & iOS)

Plans starting from €100!
Get your -€80 Discount Coupon Code with any Sam Broadcaster Cloud Yearly Plan

Check The Plans




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