How to enrich your Listeners experience with your Radio App |





How to enrich your listeners experience with your Radio App

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Enrich your listeners experience |

Have you just released a mobile app for your radio station?


It is exciting, isn’t it?

All that hard work and time spent on its development and design has to finally pay off.

Well, that can be true, but you cannot lean back and expect that it will become a success automatically.

You have to work hard to achieve that. Make sure that the number of listeners who listen to your radio station keeps growing and enjoying your program to the fullest.


But how?

Simply by improving your station and keeping up with the latest trends online. Something that many radio stations fail to do successfully.

For this reason, the vast majority of internet radio stations suffer from a lack of listeners, which is usually translated to fewer downloads, less popularity, and ultimately, less money.

Even though mobile application development has been dramatically rising over the last years, radio mobile applicationsstill seem too simplified.


What can you do to enhance your listeners’ experience?

The average user is very familiar with using mobile apps. That’s why they need more than the basic functions, such as a play button and a few social media connections.


What should you do? 

Your major concern must be the enhancement of the menu’s functionality with vital communication functions. A poor menu and the lack of engaging features could result in users getting easily bored and lower numbers of listenership.

Looking for ideas to maximize engagement? Here are our top recommendations for things to add:

  • Now Playing

    As your radio show is live and your playlist is rolling, different songs might make an impression to your listeners. Who needs Shazam when you can simply see the title of the song that’s now playing? The artist’s name, too! In addition, you can view the Album Cover of each song.
  • Recently Heard  

    Ever listened to a song that you thought you knew but now you just can’t seem to remember which one was it? How cool would it be if listeners could actually have a playlist with the recently played songs, available to them at all times? In addition, users could click on the song, and be redirected to a YouTube video of the song.
  • More languages  

    Do you by any chance have listeners globally? Do you want to be streamed in various countries? Then why not make your app multilingual, so that every user can experience it in their native language? Add more languages, other than your native one, like English, Spanish, French etc. and let your listeners enjoy a greater radio experience.

  • A live chat  

    It is always nice to communicate with your listeners in a genuine manner! The voice over the microphone and the person behind the console want to know more about their fan base, their opinion, their daily routine, etc.

    How: The addition of a chat could cultivate a stronger bond between you, as the host, and the users who listen live to your program. Why not use it as way a of contact for song requests, dedicating songs, sending regards etc.?

  • Introduce Favorite songs charts  

    How many times have you received calls or messages to “play this or that song” on air? Why not let your listeners vote for their favorite ones?

    How: Just provide the option to choose what they prefer to listen to or repeat and let them be more involved with the radio.

    Extra tip: Many artists are willing to pay a fee for exposure on radio stations. So, you could use the Charts list as a way of keeping your listeners updated with the latest hits, and earn profits at the same time from Record Companies or artists for listing them.

  • Suggest radio games options  

    A radio station cannot keep its listeners’ attention by changing playlists at each time of the day only. People love to take part in contests and games where they could win something. Could it be just with a phone call, a message, or something else?

    How: Why not add a button for faster participation to make things easier?

  • Let them send recorded messages  

    Hearing the same voices over and over again can be monotonous, right? Have you ever thought of a way to add the sound of a listener talking and commenting on your show?

    How: Provide them with an Add-on where they could record a voice message for up to 120 seconds and send it directly to your email.


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In other words, you make your listener more involved with the radio. And this level of involvement is what makes a radio app successful.

This is why Looksomething has added the Golden Addon next to its four radio app solutions.

What makes Golden Addon so special, is that it integrates add-ons into one, providing a full-entertaining experience for the user. 

It’s fully functional, as it offers a range of services: from Charts, Program, and Producers to Sleep Timer, Top Rated, and even a Weather forecast.

Do you want more?

Then, you should know that users can be totally involved and enjoy their radio experience to the fullest, as they also check your mobile app more often for any changes. 

Let any broadcaster easily adjust those services to his/her needs from one single control panel and make the desired amendments. And offer the greatest radio experience ever!

For more info take a look at our golden add-on features!