Become a successful Radio App Reseller |




7 tactics to make you a successful radio app reseller

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Become a successful Radio App Reseller |


The art of reselling is not always an easy path. It requires constant motivation and “out-of-the-box” thinking to get more clients by your side. Many are subscribed as resellers or partners in various programs, but few are those that excel in generating leads and getting new customers. Especially in radio app market, there is a large opportunity to sell. Radio is everywhere-from small villages to large cities with big networks that demand an excellent level of internet radio. So here I would suggest seven tactics that will make you attract more clients as a reseller:

  1. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest advancements of your vendors.
  2. Communicate often with your clients and provide any help they might need.
  3. Don’t rest on your success. Constantly find ways/channels to approach new audiences.
  4. Talk to people about your product, word of mouth has a huge value nowadays.
  5. Be competitive, find the unique selling point of the service and focus on that.
  6. Do market research before you set your own price. If you sell internationally, try to set a standard price that is reasonable for the majority of the countries you focus on.
  7. If you are stuck on the same clients don’t panic! Try to make things differently until you see the desired result!

Looksomething reseller program enables companies to incorporate a new product line along with their services and give a significant boost to their sales. It is a new opportunity arisen for Advertising agencies, Radio software businesses, Radio streaming companies, as well as individuals who have the ability to benefit from their sales to radio stations and news agencies.

Some of its benefits are:
- Profit from sale on 1st application
- Profit on annual renewals
- Profit on updates/upgrades
- Free commercial price policy
- 100% White label
- Upload to your personal app store and google play developer accounts

In case you wish to learn some tricks of the trade and give your clients a heads up about how to promote their own radio mobile apps you can have a look on our complete guide dedicated to mobile app promotion or simply email us at [email protected].


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