Update Policy

By purchasing any of our application plans, you have to submit all the necessary information in order to deliver an application according to your preferences.

After a succeeded submission, you can only change your submitted information with a support ticket, email or chat in a period of 3 days. After that interval no changes occur, until both application is up and running at App Store and Google play (or separately for non-bundle plans).

All the proper information can be changed through the control panel management of the apps without requiring update of the applications at stores.
Control panel credentials will be provided when the applications are available at stores.

You can always ask for an update anytime during the year by just paying the fee of 30 EUR per platform.

You can request any time you want an instant update of your App(s) by clicking the button bellow.
Instant Update

An update of an application requires the same interval to get published just as publishing a new application. Android update will be online in 7-10 days and iphone update in 20-25 days. This timeline includes our development, and review & approval processes from the stores.

Looksomething.com is not responsible for the Applications Approval Procedure. This procedure is performed by Google and/or Apple and the applications contents must follow their guidelines in order to get the applications online. The time of review and approval may vary from application to application. Find Terms of Use (Paragraph 12)

Looksomething.com is not responsible for any malfunction produced by the release of a NEW android/iOS OS version.
In order to fix any possible issue that occurs from that, you should either request an instant update or after the interval of the renewal subscription plan we will update the applications to the latest stable version.

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