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Applications will be online in 7-10 days after the purchase date. This timeline includes our development, and review & approval processes from the stores.

For Android apps you get to choose whether to use our own developer accounts or your own, in case you have one. However, regarding iOS Apps, it is imperative that you already have your own developer account so that we can upload your application there.

Learn more about creating your own Google Developer Account at https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/6112435?hl=en

Learn more about creating your own iOS Developer Account at https://developer.apple.com/programs/enroll/

An update of an application requires the same interval to get published just as publishing a new application. Updates will be online in 7-10 days. This timeline includes our development, and review & approval processes from the stores.

After you buy a subscription, you are connected to our site as a member and you can see a list of choices in a dropdown menu under 'My Account Menu' in the top right area of the website. You can see the following options:

- My subscriptions - List with all of your subscriptions with several choices such as renew or upgrade a plan, download your invoice.
- Submit info for app - Click here to upload all the nessecary information in order to provide us material to start development
- My support tickets - List of your support tickets
- My Statistics - View statistics of your applications.
- Push Notifications - Click here to send push notification messages to the users of the app. Availably only for active plan.

Depends on the active subscription. Find the details on BUY NOW menu.

You can upgrade to another subscription anytime. Just login to your account and click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS under your account menu. Then click on UPGRADE button on the right and choose which subscription you want to upgrade. Notice that the price of the upgrade will have a discount depended on the unutilised time of your current subscription.

Yes, you may find all the proper information at http://www.looksomething.com/update-policy

Yes, you may find all the proper information at http://www.looksomething.com/terms-use

We are sending several notification emails from the expiration and up to two weeks. If you do not renew it after expiration date, then we disable your application from its stores until further payment.

Each plan refers to one application even if it is only for iPhone, Android or Bundle (iPhone & Android). Each plan has a limit of pushes per month. This is the number of messages you are allowed to send per month. Every message will be sent to the users of your app.

No. Notification Services do not provide any guarantees on push notification delivery. Push notifications that expire before being delivered are not considered a failed delivery.

You can incorporate any transaction in your app(s) entering any web url on your app  control panel we provide you. We strongly recommend that you choose "No"  in the "open in app" setting of the web url in order to direct the user to an external browser due to  Google and Apple stores policies.