News Application

A powerful tool for your News website, portal, blog, etc! Place your News feed in your Reader's Pocket! Let them read your news as they go!

Video Promo
Feel free to view the video with our demo Looksomething News app to the right. You may download our demo app at Google Play or App Store

Below are the Features of the Application.

  • Tablet View
    All our apps are supported for Tablets both in android and iOS
  • Control Panel
    Full management of your application through a control panel
  • Home Screen
    Main RSS link of your website
  • Social Share
    Share the RSS item link at other applications
  • Multiple Categories
    Group your RSS links by your own created categories
  • Social
    Place your social networks links in the application
  • About
    Place your information. Available direct call, send email and visit your website.
  • Messages
    In app messages system to notify the users about anything you like.
  • Language
    Basic textual information, such as Home, About or general notifications, will be delivered translated in your native language
  • Unlimited RSS Feeds
    In any subscription
  • Statistics
    Google analytics and looksomething stats
  • adMob
    ADD-ON - Monetize your app by displaying Google Ads
  • Weather
    ADD-ON - 4 Days weather forecast of the user's location
  • Shoutbox
    ADD-ON - Chatroom feature with color tags, smilies and admin features
  • Record
    ADD-ON - User records a message up to 20 seconds and send it at your e-mail
  • Radio Player
    ADD-ON - Include your radio streaming in the app
  • Push Notifications
    Check push notification plans. Send short messages up to 100 characters to your users.
  • App stores
    We publish apps in Google Play and App Store. Notice that for App Store, your iOS Developer Account is required.
  • Web URLs
    Include any URL you like in your application
Want to learn more? Choose your plan!
Want to learn more? Choose your plan!
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