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A powerful tool for your Radio Station! Place your Radio in Your Listeners’ Pocket! 74% of Smartphone Users use their phone daily for Listening Their Favorite Radio Station. YOUR RADIO STATION!

Video promo
Feel free to view the video with our demo Looksomething Radio app to the right. The video displays most of the proper functionalities of the app from starter up to network plan

Below are the Features of the Application.

  • Tablet View
    All our apps are supported for Tablets both in android and iOS
  • App stores
    We publish apps in Google Play and App Store. Notice that for App Store, your iOS Developer Account is required.
  • Home Screen
    Play/Stop button with logo and volume control.
  • Direct Buttons
    Direct call, Email and website buttons
  • News
    News with Content Management System or RSS Feed Connection.
  • Unlimited Stations
    Only in Network Subscription
  • Control Panel
    Control Panel Management of your app (Available for all plans).
  • Web Urls
    Dynamic creation of unlimited web urls directing to browser or in app webview depends on your choice
  • In App
    Send static messages to you app users
  • Top rated (Voting)
    Users can rate current playing song in real time. Also a list of the top 50 rated songs is availiable for users. A list of total rated song is availiable only for you at your user account menu (applicable to enterprise, network plans and cover art addon)
  • Statistics
    Google analytics and looksomething stats
  • Widget player
    Notification player (android) and lock screen player (android & iOS)
  • Cover-art
    ADD-ON - Displays Now On Air Information With Song Title, Artist and cover-art image.
  • Shoutbox
    ADD-ON - Chatroom Feature with Color Tags, Smilies and Admin Features
  • Clock
    ADD-ON - Wakeup and Sleep Timer Features with Voice Notification Message.
  • Recently Played
    ADD-ON - A list of all recently played songs that user have listened
  • Record
    ADD-ON - Users Record a Message Up to 20 Seconds and Send it With an Email to your Station.
  • Program
    ADD-ON - Displays a Weekly Schedule of the Radio Station's Program.
  • Share This
    ADD-ON - ShareThis Function to All Social Networks.
  • adMob
    ADD-ON - Make Profit by Displaying your own ADS From Google.
  • Charts
    ADD-ON - Add unlimited charts combined with the corresponding urls of their video urls
  • Photo gallery
    ADD-ON - Preview photos of latest events with zoom feature
  • Weather
    ADD-ON Get notified with a 4-days local weather forecast
  • Push Notifications
    Check Push Notification Plans - Send Short Messages up to 100 Characters to your Users.
Want to learn more? Choose your plan!
Want to learn more? Choose your plan!

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