Become a Reseller

Earn money by becoming a reseller of mobile applications for, with your own name (white label).

How it works:
First you purchase the resellers package for €199, entitling you to the reseller’s discount.
You then receive instructions on setting up your own accounts* with google play and app store.

*It is imperative that you use your own iOS & Android accounts so that your brand will be visible as developer on each and every of our apps.

Next you receive all the necessary information such as video tutorials.
And now you are ready to start selling your own applications, over your company’s signature.

Resellers’ tools:

  • Profit from sale of 1st application
  • Profit on annual renewals
  • Profit on updates/upgrades
  • Free commercial price policy
  • White label
  • Upload to your personal  app store and google play developer accounts

Who is it intended for:
The reseller program of is designed for private individuals and companies which have the capacity to sell our products: Advertising agencies, web developers, technology companies, etc.

Commission on sales
Our associates receive a discount of 25%, from the first purchase of an application on all our products except push notifications where they will receive a discount of 15%.


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