Looksomething sponsors the Regional Media Awards 2019





Looksomething sponsors the Regional Media Awards 2019

Tuesday, 08 October 2019

Looksomething sponsors the Regional Media Awards 2019


In an amazing night, filled with joy, glam and success Looksomething sponsored the Regional Media Awards 2019 that took place on Friday, September 27, in Athens, with the presence of media owners, senior executives of regional and local mass media, advertising marketers, advertisers, journalists and many more people of the industry. This year, participations have been particularly high compared to the previous ones, with the number of the participants reaching 200, reflecting the market's significant acceptance of the event, as well as the effort to upgrade the awards.

What are the Regional Media Awards?

Regional Media Awards is a ceremony held every year by Boussias Communications that aims to highlight and reward regional and local mass media like Radio Stations, Radio Websites, News Portals, Regional Magazines and TV Stations as well as Local and regional Newspapers, offering at the same time a great opportunity to find new fans and increase their audience.

The fourth Regional Media Awards ceremony was a huge success in terms of participation. Moreover, participants showed up almost from every region of Greece and were able to trade ideas on many contemporary problems and issues of the Regional and Local Media sector.

Last but not least, we want to congratulate our partners MAX 100,2 XANIA for an amazing year that led them to win 10 awards: 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze.